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Dalton Database Project
1901 Canadian Census

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First Name
Last Name
Albert Dalton BC 7 More Info
Algeron E Dalton BC 2 More Info
Alva Dalton BC 34 More Info
Arthur Dalton BC 17 More Info
Bertha C Dalton BC 22 More Info
Clara B Dalton BC 1 More Info
Clara E Dalton BC 9 More Info
Crosby Dalton BC 11 More Info
Edward C Dalton BC 34 More Info
Edward D Dalton BC 3 More Info
Elsie F Dalton BC 5 More Info
Emily Dalton BC 54 More Info
Etheral Dalton BC 16 More Info
Francis Dalton BC 45 More Info
Frank Delton BC 50 More Info
Frank Dalton BC 36 More Info
George Dalton BC 24 More Info
Henry Dalton BC 1 More Info
Henry J Dalton BC 28 More Info
Honora Dalton BC 16 More Info
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