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Dalton Database Project
1901 Canadian Census

1901 Canada Census
First Name
Last Name
Sub-district Number
Page Number
Line Number
E J Dalton 36 MB MARQUETTE Russell q-2 12 1 More Info
James Dalton 48 NB NORTHUMBERLAND Blackville b-1 36 1 More Info
Morris P Dalton 15 NB SAINT JOHN Sydney (Ward/Quartier) g-1 8 1 More Info
William Dalton 49 NB SAINT JOHN Lansdowne (Ward/Quartier) j-1 52 1 More Info
Lizzie Dalton 24 NS PICTOU Pictou (Town/Ville) b(1)-4 6 1 More Info
Paul Dalton 39 ON BOTHWELL Zone i-2 9 1 More Info
John Dalton 51 ON HASTINGS (East/Est) Deseronto a-1 7 1 More Info
John J Dalton 46 ON HALTON Milton (Town/Ville) e-3 4 1 More Info
Florence Dalton 4 ON ONTARIO (West/Ouest) Uxbridge (Town/Ville) e-3 11 1 More Info
Aggie Dalton 15 ON PETERBOROUGH (East/Est) Dummer j-3 7 1 More Info
Harvey Dalton 55 ON ELGIN (East/Est) Malahide c-4 7 1 More Info
Jane Dalton 38 ON HAMILTON (City/Cit Ward/Quartier No. 2 b-3 4 1 More Info
Mary Dalton 68 ON PERTH (South/Sud) St. Marys (Town/Ville) f-5 14 1 More Info
Edith C Dalton 32 ON PERTH (South/Sud) Mitchell (Town/Ville) e-2 10 1 More Info
Michael Dalton 42 ON OTTAWA (City/Cit Dalhousie (Ward/Quartier) c-2 7 1 More Info
Florencius Dalton 62 QU DRUMMOND & ARTHABASKA Notre-Dame-du-Bon-Conseil h 6 1 More Info
Margret Dalton 18 QU MONTR?AL (City/Cit?)/174 Sainte-Anne (Ward/Quartier) a-29 4 1 More Info
Jane Dalton 22 QU MONTR?AL (City/Cit?)/177 Saint-Laurent (Ward/Quartier) a-17 8 1 More Info
William Dalton 48 QU SHEFFORD Ely (North/Nord) b-2 4 1 More Info
James Dalton 25 QU TERREBONNE Saint-J?r?me (Town/Ville) j-3 11 1 More Info
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