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In Barbados there is a large number of Irish descent owing to the transportation of offenders as slaves. Baptisms and Marriages are extracted from LDS records.
Thomas Perrce Dalton, b. 20 Aug 1791, mother Rebecca Dalton, Saint Michael, Batch# C513953
Tereza Calton Dalton, b. 19 Jul 1845, parents John William Dalton and Sarah Harbin, Saint George, Batch# C513852
Alfred Augustus Dalton, b. 13 Jul 1855, mother Isabella Dalton, Christ Church, Batch # C513821
Susan Dalton, b. 2 Feb 1856, parents Joseph Dalton and Judy Rose Gittens, Saint John, Batch#C513741
Hittibella Wickham Dalton, b. 17 Sep 1863, mother Mary Dalton, Saint Peter, Batch C513768

Maurice Dalton and Mary Dorney, m. 30 Jan 1768, Saint Michael, Source Call # 1157924

Cuban born in the 1880 Census of the U. S.
Faridad Dalton, single age 41, b. Cuba, parents b. Cuba enumerated in Key West, Monroe Co.,
Florida. Dau Emeline age 11 b. Cuba

The following information was received from Angela Allison, UK. E-mail: amjijoy@yahoo.co.uk
Home page: http/uk.geocities/com/anjijoy
Her maternal grandfather was Gabriel Clarke b. 1885-1900 and lived in Whitehorses, St Thomas, Jamaica.  His mother was a Theresa Doulton/Dalton and his father Unknown Clarke died in a coal mine in Cuba.  Theresa returned to Jamaica where Gabriel was born.  Theresa Dalton had two brothers, Dee and Sim Dalton.   Theresa later married a ? Bryan and had four more children.  Sim
Dalton had two sons c.1900 (Nathan and Horatio) and four daughters. One was named
Angela is the daughter of Gloria Maud Clarke  (dau of Gabriel) who was born in White Horses, Morant Bay, St. Thomas in 1941. Gloria's mother was Ethline McKenzie originally from Portland.

Extracted by K. T. Mapstone

Ada Dalton Jamaica 1907 47
Agnes Dalton Kingston, Jamaica 1922 18
Beatrix Dalton Bermuda 1906 22
Cecil Dalton Bermuda  1906  55
Ethel Dalton Spanish Town, Jamaica 1909 49
Federika Dalton West Indies 1914 24
Florence Dalton Havana, Cuba 1919 43
Frank Dalton Nuevitas, Cuba 1913 20
Frederick Dalton Spanish Town, West Indies 1907 17
George Dalton Trinidad 1894 33
Herbert Dalton Mexico 1908 37
James Dalton Barbados 1907 19
James Dalton Bermuda 1907 58
James Dalton Spanish ...awin, Jamaica 1909 49
John T. Dalton Kingston, Jamaica 1923 25
Mable Dalton Barbados, BWI 1911 50
Maria Luisa Dalton Havana, Cuba 1905 24
Mary Dalton Havana, Cuba 1921 18
May Dalton Kingston, Jamaica, WI 1917 15
Michael J. Dalton Buenos Aires 1904 29
Muriel Dalton Jamaica 1907 09
Neale Dalton Prospect, Bermuda 1911 23
Petronella Dalton St. Croix 1904 41
Philip S. Dalton Puerto Rico 1903 28
Stanhope Justice Dalton Port au Spain, Trinidad 1920 21
S. Justice Dalton Port au Spain, Trinidad 1921 22


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